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Bamboo is a very fast growing renewable resource. It is also cheap and locally available in market. Compared with wood, bamboo has higher strength / weight ratio and can be a good substitute for wood. Bamboo has long been traditionally used as a building material for both structural and decorative use. IPIRTI in this respect has made a good contribution in using bamboo based composites for prefabricated houses as engineered building material with controlled strength and structural properties from renewable sources.


Modular Building specifications of Pre-fab Houses



All structural components are composed of thin INSTACOM or rolled steel section having 50mm width, 5mm thick. They are rust free and provide excellent structural integrity.



Steel grid framed structure of size 4’ x 4’ with outer angles ISA 75mm x 75mm,6mm and inner angles ISA 50mm x 50mm,6mm and ISA 25mm x 25mm, 6mm for interior support. The base will rest on 16” x16” pillar type brick / stone foundation. If it is resting on cement concrete platform, steel grid base is not required. In that case, the structural frame will directly be bolted above the platform.



Standard M10 nuts and bolts are used to create a unitized frame work.


Wall Panels and Floor Panels

8’ x 4’, 6mm thick BMB conforming to IS 13958 are attached to structural member with fasteners (Exterior and interior). Flooring consists of one layer 8’ x 4’, 16mm thick BWR grade BMB fixed on the steel grid by 4mm dia carrot nuts and bolts.



6’ x 3.5’ Bamboo mat corrugated sheet fixed on ISA 35mm x 35mm, 3mm thick purlins and rafters and 2’ height MS trusses.


Doors and windows

Standard 16mm thick BMB has been used as door panels which are lockable from both ends. Standard outfitted windows having char glass panes are used which are lockable from inside.


Toilet and Bath

4’ x 8’ attached toilet with a provision of EWC, shower, wash basin and greaser facility. Polyvinyl sheets are fixed to the interior wall to avoid water splashing.



All conduits and wiring is surface mounted. Conduit is ¾ “ PVC pipe with 4sqm wire inside. Included 32 Amp circuit breaker, fluorescent bulbs, 15 Amps and 5 Amps switches.


Guide to choose Pre-Fabricated Houses
Types Single Wall Portable House Single Walled Twin House Double Walled Single Bedroom House
Examples Security Cabin, Shutdown offices, Temporary Sheds Wild life sanctuaries, Jungle Lodges, Rest houses, Resorts, Camp sites Dwelling / Residential houses.
Construction Pre-built, minimal installation required. Almost completely build in factory, just installed 90% elements fabricated in factory, just installed above the foundation. per Sft
Size 8 ‘ x 12’ x 8’ 20 ‘ x 24’ x 8’, 16 ‘ x 26’ x 8’ 20 ‘ x 24’ x 8’
Primary Advantage Least expensive, dismantable 20 times, built in roof tops. Flexibility, installed in hilly areas, most traditional appearance. Capable of equipping all dwelling amenities, built on any type of foundation.
Cost Rs. 500 per Sft Rs. 630 per Sft Rs. 720 to 750 per Sft



prefab house prefab house
Prefab House at IPIRTI Prefab House built at Gujrath
prefab house  
Prefab House at IPIRTI  


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