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Bamboo Day Webinar on "INNOVATION AND INDUSTRIALIZATION OF BAMBOO IN INDIA - OPPORTUNITIES & CHALLENGES" on 18-09-2020 from 10.00a.m to 12.30p.m

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The IPIRTI-TRADA housing system has proven to withstand a simulated earthquake test carried out using the shaking table test facility at Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore under the TRADA project.

The bamboo house of 2.7m x 2.7m was tested on shaking table. The mass of the house was 2636kg. A seismic simulation of 30 seconds was carried out on the bamboo house for a design spectrum of zone IV and zone V classification as per IS-1893, 2002. To test the fatigue strength of the bamboo house zone V design spectrum was repeated for five times. Even Kobe earthquake data was also simulated for the same house. After the test program, the structure did not exhibit any cracks or damage in any part of the building [1]. For more details Please Click Here....

  • Grows 3 times as fast & can be harvested 4 times as often as eucalyptus
  • Yields 6 times more cellulose than fast growing trees
  • Found extensively in natural forests & is also suitable for afforestation of degraded lands
  • 2.5 Billion peple worldwide use bamboo
  • 1.0 Bilion people live in bamboo houses
  • Has a very high MOE 9000-10000 N/mm2 It is thus very strong
  • Bamboo in panel form is well suited to substitute wood
  • Indian bamboo sector generates about 432million workdays annually
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