Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet

Investigations were carried out at IPIRTI under a Project sponsored by BMTPC to develop an Eco-friendly roofing sheet. Since corrugated sheets are more ideal for roofing application, attempts were made to develop Corrugated Bamboo Mat Sheet (BMCS). For this purpose platens having approximated sinusoidal wave patterns were designed to be fitted with hydraulic hot press to produce corrugated sheets by using bamboo mat coated with suitable resin binder. Extensive experiments were carried out using woven bamboo mats of Melaconna bambusoides & Ochlandra travancorica that were dipped in phenol formaldehyde resin and pressed under temperature and pressure. Sheets made in the initial experiments were subjected to rigorous test for evaluating bond integrity. BMCS thus produced were subjected to performance tests like load bearing capacity, water permeability test, resistance to boiling water and weather ability and found to pocess excellent load bearing capacity.



BMCS roofing sheets confirms to the requirements prescribed for asbestos cement roofing sheets with enhanced characteristics like toughness, resilience and ductility. Apart from this BMCS is environment friendly, energy efficient and possesses good fire resistance. The BMCS developed is first of its kind in the country.


Laboratory/pilot scale technology for manufacturing Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets (BMCS) has been successfully developed under a project sponsored by BMTPC (1995-1999).


Refinement of the technology for commercialization is in progress under a project entitled “Field Demonstration and Development of Bamboo based Composites/panels for housing in North Eastern Region" sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. With respect to:


Ø Development of alternate platens design/profile

Ø Design and development and fabrication of multi day-light hydraulic hot press

Ø Establishment of pilot scale commercial production facility in an existing factory in North-East Region

Ø Development of bamboo laminates

Ø Construction of demonstration bamboo houses in Mizoram


BMCS manufactured in the Institute pilot plant has been used in several demonstration structures for high viability of the material.


It is envisaged to carry out techno-economic feasibility of the project by establishing multi day light hydraulic hot press fitted with corrugated platens.


A joint patent with BMTPC has been filed in Chennai patent office. Patent No: 653/MAS/2001 dated 08.08.2001.


The technology was developed under a project sponsored by Building Material & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC)
Corrugated Sheet BMCS

Technology Developed at IPIRTI
Funded by BMTPC


1. Mat Weaving & Storage


2. Resin Application


3. Board Making


4. Properties


Green apple

Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet International Green Apple Award Since corrugated sheets are most versatile for roofing, development of corrugated sheets from bamboo mats was taken up at IPIRTI, under a project sponsored by the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council of the GoI. Sinusoidal wave platens have been designed for hot pressing phenol formaldehyde resin coated and preservative treated bamboo mats into corrugated sheets. BMCS is environment friendly, energy efficient and possesses good fire resistance. Material developed is first of its kind in the country.


Technology on Industrial upscaling of BMCS was transferred to M/s. Timpak Pvt. Ltd. Meghalaya. Bramhaputra Forest Products Corporation Nepal



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