Bamboo Mat Compreg

Imported timber is presently used for the development of compreg and shuttering grade panels. The compreg requirement by Indian Railways alone is increasing many folds as thrust now is on the use of high strength materials in coach building. Currently for the raw materials, the industries are dependent on imported timbers and also the product is very expensive. IPIRTI has developed compregs and shuttering grade panels using bamboo mat as a raw material in place of veeners.



The flattened bamboo board will be an alternative to the existing BMB and BMVC for structural applications. Reduction in the cost of the product. Higher recovery of the material during processing.


Lumber would find a place as a substitute for high quality timber now being used for structural purposes. Also wherever laminated veneer lumbers are being used, they can be replaced by bamboo lumber. Bamboo lumber would be cheaper than the class I timber used for structural purpose and that of veneer lumbers























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