Bamboo Based Housing System




Demonstration Bamboo House at IPIRTI
Bamboo House Bamboo house



Materials used for the construction of the above Bamboo House

40mm Aggregate

1.20 Cu.m.

20mm Aggregate

1.30 Cu.m.

Size Stones   

75 Nos.

Concrete blocks 

60 Nos.

(16" x 8" x 8")Bricks   

160 Nos.


9.00 Cu.m.


54 bags

8mm dia MS bars  

40 kgs

100mm dia bamboo for  columns and trusses


30mm small dia bamboo for purlins


Split bamboo of size 20mm x 10mm for grid


Chicken mesh 1.22 mtr width

45.0 R.mrt.

Plantation timber for doors  and windows and top plate

0.50 Cu.m.

Binding wire

10 kgs

Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets of size(1mtr x 1.82mtr) 

35 Nos.

8mm Bamboo mat board for door and window shutters,


louvers and gussets


4mm glass for window shutters and ventilators


Half Bricks for flooring

1 load





J-bolts with bitumen & cupwashers of length 4” to 5”

120 Nos.

M.S. bolts dia 8 mm of length 5” for gussets

80 Nos.

L- Clamps for column and rafter connections of size 6”x6”of width 30 mm and thickness of 4 mm

10 Nos.


6 Kgs

G.I. wire for fixing purlins to rafters 14 gauge

4 Kgs.


The building system satisfies the following basic requirements:



foundations are minimised, wall panels are non-loadbearing and can be reduced in thickness, basic components (bamboo, wire, bolts, chicken mesh, cement) are inexpensive.


Sustainability and environmental impact:

Bamboo is available in commercial quantities using the established supply system. It is a renewable resource with a short rotation period and can be grown on degraded land. The bamboo is treated using environmentally friendly preservatives. The use of high energy embodied materials (cement, steel) is minimised.


Cultural acceptability:

The system offers traditional materials in a modern engineering context. The result is homely, with the feel of permanence


Durability and safety:

All bamboo components are treated with safe preservatives to give extended life; the structure is engineered to resist wind and earthquake forces and other imposed lads.


Improved jointing techniques:
nailing (and therefore splitting) is eliminated; wiring, bolting and strapping provides positive connections


Modular construction:
suited to either prefabrication or fabrication in-situ: all components are designed to be prefabricated (e.g. infill grids, roof trusses), or prepared on site


Ease of assembly:

Only basic carpentry and masonry tools and skills are required to undertake the construction. A number of cost-effective, affordable houses have been built or planned using the bamboo building system developed by IPIRTI and TRADA. These are shown here.


IPIRTI Test Building
Test building test building
Corrugated mat board roof
test building test building
Bamboo reinforced cement mortar walls Matboard doors & Shutters



Demonstration House at Chikkabetthalli, Bangalore
demonstration house demonstration house
Interior is cool and light
demonstration house
Roof details Corrugated mat board and bamboo trusses



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